The Kontroversy

There is a variety of musical styles on this album, from a 1930s Hollywood musical sounding beginning, to medium and up tempo rock, a Caribbean song, a Blues song, a Power Pop song, and a couple of Rockabilly numbers.

Armourdale is a musical, written by Kevin Sanders, based on true stories of events that occurred in the Armoudale district of Kansas City, Kansas, as told by his parents, who grew up living there across the street from each other. These events take place from 1936 to 1951, when the Armourdale district was devastated by the worst flood in the city's history. The story centers around two families, Luigi and Assunta Tortorilla, Italian immigrants, their daughter Norma, and their seven other children, and Bill and Mary (O'Donnel) Sanders, their son "OD", and their grandson Tommy.

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