A Kevin Sanders song, "Mind of My Own", recorded by The Leopards, is included on a CD compilation of seventies power pop, "Looking for the Magic", released on Grapefruit Records, a division of Cherry Red Records in England. Check it out.

The musical, Armourdale, is one of five finalists in a New Playwrights Competion at the Olathe Civic Theatre. 10 minutes of it will be read (and sung) March 6 & 7, at 7:30 at the theatre to determine the winner. The theatre is located at 500 E. Loula St., Olathe. The audience will decide the winner.

What They're Saying About the Armourdale CD:

I loved the Leopards.  It's good to hear those sounds continuing on in a new context. Thanks again for letting me hear the album.  It's really good. 
 -Barry Lee, Station Manager, 90.1 KFI-FM

I love the story behind the album. Thanks for sending. 
          -Chris Haghirian, Host "Eight One Sixty", KTBG-FM 90.9 The Bridge

 I like it, good job. The songs are solid, the storyline is well thought out & the production is very strong. Congratulations on a fine release. 
          -Mark Prellberg, co-founder Titan Records, Kansas City, Missouri

It has the best drum sound you've ever gotten and the best overall mixing. I like the songs. 
          -Dennis Pash, leader and primary songwriter for The Leopards


One of the songs from our Armoudale CD, Some Christmas, will be featured on KKFI-FM radio 90.1 on Friday, December 23, 2016, between 9 and 11 PM.


Link: Shindig_Review_46_Mar_2015.pdf    The Kontroversy rose from the ashes of Kansas powerpop legends The Leopards in 1981 and released just one EP three years later before folding. Their 30th anniversary sparked a reunion and a number of old recordings were exhumed, completed and supplemented with new recordings. You can't see the joins.   Those in the know will flip at the mention of The Leopards' '77 album, Kansas City Slickers. It clearly defines Kevin Sanders' shining moment too, as he revisits it wholeheartedly on Reprise. The ragged; DIY charm of Slickers remains thankfully intact, and the music - a dyspraxic high school disco soundtracked by The Kinks (natch), The Beach Boys, and Jonathan Richman and recorded au naturel - retains all of the naivety that made the teenage Sanders' outings so unforgettable. Andy Morten    ” - Andy Morten

— Shindig Magazine #46 March 2015

The Kontroversy – Reprise (Ragged But Right) You may remember these guys from their 1984 EP on the legendary Titan Records label, which melded garage-rock with British Invasion sounds. The head dude was one Kevin Sanders, who had previously been a member of Kansas-based Kinkophiles the Leopards, whose 1977 LP Kansas City Slickers remains an indie treasure. Although the Kontroversy split not long after their EP hit the shelves, Sanders and his drummer brother Tim have remixed some previously unheard recordings the band made in the ‘80s, added some new tracks, and the result is the 15-track Reprise. There are some good melodies floating around, but overall, the record is somewhat sabotaged by the lead vocals, which are often distressingly thin. Still, if garage is your bag, dig in. Grade: C - See more at: http://www.goldminemag.com/blogs/new-reviews#sthash.mK7tSU7o.dpuf”

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 This Then Is…..The Kontroversy  Kontroversy album good, raucous fun This isn’t a bad little record. If approached properly, it even is great in spots. Sort of like the movie “The Gremlins.” The comparison is appropriate because “The Gremlins” is a fun movie, but only if one goes in knowing that it’s deliberately bathetic, a spoof on grade B horror films. Similarly, “This Then Is….. The Kontroversy” is a fun record, especially if one is warned that the vocals are thin, and the production is strictly garage-band city. The band successfully aims for a tinny early 60s sound on the record’s five songs, four of which were written by the group.  The Kontroversy is a Kansas City quartet that includes Kevin Sanders, a guitarist and keyboard player who was in The Leopards. His brother, Tim Sanders, pounds away on the cardboard drums; Fred Prellberg helps knock out the big beat on the bass; and Ken Carey plays lead guitar.  The rawness of the production is worth mentioning twice. For instance, one gets the idea that The Kontroversy’s idea of echo is to play something inside a closet. But after hearing a killer solo or two, one realizes that these guys can play and the production is something of a joke, and a fairly funny one at that.  “You’re So Wonderful” which opens the album, is a mixed effort. The group sounds like a high school band doing a Herman’s Hermits imitation, and the backup vocals don’t meet any of the dictionary definitions of “harmony.” But the instrumental break is a treat, giving a hint of what the band can do.  The band members pick up steam on “(I’m Just) One of the Boys” and really hit their stride on “I’ll Get Back My 57 Chevy” when their humor and instrumental talents are in full bloom.  The song tells a tender story of love between a boy and his car and includes such gems as: “I sold my Chevy ‘cause I needed some dough. How that she’s gone I miss her so.” The instrumentation is twangy and trashy in the finest surf tradition. “Mighty Mighty Man” isn’t as much fun, but it approximates the spirit of rockabilly. And the last song, “I Go Ape”, is guaranteed to please with its Chuck Berry guitar solo and wacky lyrics.  Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong I’m related to old King Kong….When I hold your hand I’m a prehistoric man  ” - Greg Hack

— The Kansas City Times

  The Kontroversy was a 60s style Rock ‘n’ Roll band formed around composer and singer Kevin Sanders. In 1984 released an ep with five songs from that Kansas City's great pop label owned and run by Tom Sorrells, Titan Records. This seven inches is a mixture of pop, surf and rock and roll, great guitars, and great tunes. Previously Sanders fronted with Dennis Pash The Leopards. They were simply a lost treasure, an exact replica of the 1960s primetime Kinks. Released on their own Moon label, a pair of singles and the "Kansas City Slickers" lp (1977).   Kevin Sanders : Vocals, Guitars Fred Prellberg: Bass, Vocals Ken Carey : Guitars, Vocals Tim Sanders : Drums, Vocals Producer : Kevin Sanders   The Kontroversy – “This Then Is...” [ep 7” Titan Records 1984]. 1. You’re So Wonderful 2. (I’m Just) One Of The Boys 3. I’ll Get Back My ’57 Chevy 4. Mighty Mighty Man 5. I Go Ape” - unknown

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